a cute picture of me (i think)

✌️ I'm Ryan

Currently creating and designing for forward-thinking brands as an experience design master's student at VCU Brandcenter. Before this, I was studying architecture at UVA. And before that, I developed a bad habit of putting up the peace sign in every single picture.

Ask me about:

- The time my friends and I started a tiny agency
- Getting a really bad splinter in my finger, and subsequently 3D printing with wood so it never happens again.

- The person who owns ryanshih.com. I would like to have a word. No, I don't have $1000.

Things I do (almost) daily:

Brand Strategy
Visual Design
User Research
‍UX + UI Design
Concepting + Research
Physical + Digital Prototyping
Front-end Development
Physical Fabrication
Architectural Design

Things I wish I did daily:

Cook every single recipe I've saved in my notes over the past ~2 years
Play video games 24/7
Build mechanical keyboards
A lot of Youtube...oh wait