Hi, I'm Ryan.

I'm an experience designer sitting at the intersection of branding, design and technology, integrating the three to create digital products that connect and help people.

Currently creating and designing experiences as a grad student at VCU Brandcenter. Previously, I lived and breathed all things architecture, specializing in computational material fabrication. I think I inhaled a little too much sawdust in the wood shop.

Things I think about daily:

🪑 Casting a 300+ lbs. concrete chair, and promptly leaving it in the courtyard of the architecture school. It's still there (two years later).
🤖 Getting a really bad splinter in my finger, and subsequently 3D printing with wood cellulose so it never happens again.

😤 The person who owns ryanshih.com. I would like to have a word. No, I don't have $1000.

Things I wish I did daily:

🍜 Cook every single "recipe" (list of ingredients) I've saved on my phone.
🎮 Play video games until my pointer finger cramps (or I lose to the computer on Chess.com).
⌨️ Watch mechanical keyboard videos on Youtube but not actually build one, and instead buy a prebuilt one because last time I soldered something I made a huge mess.

Let's talk!
Ping me at rwshih@gmail.com