Full Plans Book


Raising awareness for new B2B Ad Tech from a non-traditional ad tech provider.

For: National Student Ad Competition 2020
10 weeks
Visual Design, Art Direction
Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Team: Kyle Nguyen (Art Director) + UVA Promo 2020
Results: 1st Place National Winner + MRI Simmons Best Plans Book Award


The Ask

Adobe came to us (aka the NSAC schools) and asked: how can a company such as Adobe, which is traditionally known for creative software, begin to raise awareness for a B2B Ad tech, the Advertising Experience Cloud for Advertising? And how does it break through the walled-gardens of Ad Tech?

The Challenge

Adobe isn't well known in the ad tech space. Actually, it isn't known at all, since the product we're asked to raise awareness for is a new package that combines old and new software previously offered through Adobe's various brand structures. Thus, how do we raise awareness in an already competitive market?

The Solution

Creating a campaign that builds upon Adobe's creative heritage, while positioning Adobe as the next evolution of what Ad Tech could be.

The Highlights

Favorite pages out of our 20-page plans book.

Full Plans Book

Awarded as the MRI Simmons best plans book of 2020 NSAC.


Winning the national competition was a testament to the dedication and skill of all my team members to not only work on a difficulty B2B case, but to do so in a pandemic that changed all of our plans.

The work we accomplished for Adobe was not only externally recognized, but internally it help me truly understand the work that goes behind an advertising campaign, and the level of passion and dedication it takes to pull of something spectacular.