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Hey there, I'm Ryan Shih.
Currently a product designer at Gopuff↗ in NYC.
I make little rectangles for people, products, and people who build those products.

Starbucks on Gopuff

Helping users create ~87,000 Starbucks drink combos with Gopuff's very first food customization experience.


Redesigning a beloved alcohol store's e-commerce platform in under 2 months.

BlockFi Design System

Building a fintech design system across React, iOS, and Android Native with design tokens and documentation.

*Locked under NDA*

Discord Onboarding

Small personal project to redo onboarding for my non-gamer friends.


Making flowers with p5.js code libraries that incorporate Perlin noise randomness.

Adding Matter

Applied stochastic algorithms to traditional Japanese joinery and built the resulting structures by hand.

*architecture work from a past life*


Sometimes I write about product design, half-baked opinions, and other thoughts.