Hey 👋 I'm Ryan Shih.

Experience designer constantly experimenting with new ways to connect people and technology together. On occasion, it turns out ok.

Currently: M.S. Experience Design 📍 VCU Brandcenter, Richmond VA

*2020 NSAC National Winner


Raising awareness for new B2B Ad Tech from a non-traditional ad tech provider.

// Strategy, Branding, Art Direction


How can discovery lead to a potential career in design for high school students?

// Strategy, UX/UI


Translating a well-known material medium into cohesive visual representation.

// Art Direction, Photography


One-offs, freelance, and passion projects. Pulled straight from the depths of the void (my hard drive).

// Graphic design, random sh*t

Adding Matter

How can traditional Japanese joinery be reworked through computational design?

// Architecture, Woodworking

X Marks the Spot

Designing iconic concrete furniture for the next 100 years of sitting.

// Industrial design, Concrete casting