hey ✌️
I'm Ryan Shih

rwshih@gmail.com / LinkedIn↗ / Resume

I’m a product designer based in NYC that loves designing for people, products, and the people that build those products.

Recently, I was building design systems @ BlockFi. Currently open to new opportunities, let's chat! 🤙

Here's some work I'm passionate about↓




Growing up as a Taiwanese-American in Germany, I always found ways to interact with others without language (hand gestures did the trick).

Now, as a former architect turned product designer, I form meaningful connections with people by making ideas come to life.

The hand gestures are still there ✌️

You can probably find me:
    Exploring one of NYC Chinatown's cash-only restaurants
    Researching and building mechanical keyboards
    Playing Pokemon... or Teamfight Tactics... or Overwatch...


How might we build a complete design system to support a full Web, iOS, and Android redesign?


Can we reinvent how Discord traditionally handles onboarding for a new user base?

Stockholm Olympics

What can the future of branded event streaming services look like?


Can flowers be coded into generative art using P5.js libraries?

Adding Matter

How does traditional Japanese joinery inform the future of computation and wood construction?


Writing about product design, half-baked opinions, and other miscellaneous musings.