Hey! I’m Ryan, a product designer (currently @ Gopuff↗) that loves designing little rectangles for people, products, and the people that build those products.
Here are some rectangles I'm passionate about ↓


‍BlockFi 🔒

Building a mobile design system across React, iOS, and Android complete with design tokens and documentation.

#DesignSystems #Components
Reach out for the password!



Speculative project trying to reinvent product onboarding for a new user group.

#Onboarding #UserResearch


Stockholm Olympics

Testing out if exclusive branding and adding AR to streaming can make the Winter Olympics more interesting.

#AR #Branding



Coding digital flowers that incorporate Perlin noise randomness.

#p5.js #GenerativeArt


Adding Matter

Feeding traditional Japanese joinery through modern stochastic algorithms to build new structures.

#Architecture #Woodworking



Writing about product design, half-baked opinions, and other miscellaneous musings.

#ProductWriting #Thoughts

The bio

Growing up as a Taiwanese-American in Hamburg, Germany, I used to find weird ways to interact with others without a common language, typically in the form of wild hand gestures.

These days, as a former architect turned product designer, I like to think I've grown past speaking in hand gestures... somewhat ✌️. As my skillset for creating and communicating great design evolves, I now connect with people by working on ideas informed by function, influenced by diverse thinking, and focused on the end user.
On the side, I'm probably:
🍜 Trying out hidden NYC Chinatown spots
⌨️ Debating if I should build another mechanical keyboard
🎮 Slowly melting in my gaming chair as I lose in Teamfight Tactics

The world's a small place, say hi ~
✉️ rwshih@gmail.com
🤝 LinkedIn