hey ✌️
I'm Ryan Shih

rwshih@gmail.com / LinkedIn↗ / Resume

I’m a product designer that loves designing for people, products, and the people that build those products. Basically, I make cool rectangles.

Most recently, I was building design systems @ BlockFi. Currently open to new opportunities, let's chat! 🤙

Here are some rectangles I'm passionate about↓



More About Me

Growing up as a Taiwanese-American kid in Hamburg, my German was pretty bad. I had to find ways to interact with others without language, typically in the form of wild hand gestures.

As a former architect turned product designer, my skillset for creating and communicating great design is constantly evolving. I like to think I've grown past speaking in hand gestures... somewhat ✌️. These days, I connect with people by working on ideas informed by function, influenced by diverse thinking, and focused on the end user.

If I'm not tinkering with some design work, catch me:
🍜 Finding hidden NYC Chinatown spots and forgetting to bring enough cash
⌨️ Debating if I should build another mechanical keyboard
🎮 Slowly melting into my gaming chair as I grind in Valorant and TFT


Building a mobile design system across React, iOS, and Android complete with design tokens and documentation.


Speculative project trying to reinvent product onboarding for a new user group.

Stockholm Olympics

Testing out if exclusive branding and adding AR to streaming can make the Winter Olympics more interesting.


Using p5.js libraries to code digital flowers incorporating Perlin noise randomness.

Adding Matter

Feeding traditional Japanese joinery through modern stochastic algorithms and fabricating new structures.


Writing about product design, half-baked opinions, and other miscellaneous musings.